Braumeister 10L, 20L & 50L

The perfect size for home brewers.

Bigger is better!

the 1,000L Braumeister - coming soon!

Remote control

View & control the brewing from another room via WiFi.

Set up your own brewery today!

200L/500L Braumeisters are designed for micro-brewery, restaurant, pubs, events and festivals.

Enjoy quality home brewed beer!


Braumeister brewing systems and other brewing equipment are supplied throughout New Zealand and the Pacific by Kauri NZ Ltd. We are technical specialists with a broad knowledge base in brewing beer, wine and cider.

We offer premium brewing equipment and supplies for home brewers and commercial facilities alike. 

Take a look at our product range, or ask us a question. We are here to help you get started in home brewing or help solve a technical issue with commercial production.

Here are a few of our products, with more products inside!

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