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Kauri once again proudly supports the Hawkes Bay wine awards 2018

Congratulations to Napier Brewing, our first NZ 200L Braumeister customer on their recent success!

Comments from a recent customer – 

“Just to let you know that my 10 Litre Braumeister is working absolutely marvellous. Setting-up and programming is easy and straight-forward.  Never thought Brewing Beer would be that simple and such a pleasure to do.
But, best of all. The final beer….. Extraordinary….. Beyond imagination…… Absolutely delicious!

Never imagined one could brew such a quality beer at home.”

– Nolan Scott

2017 NZ Amateur Winemakers & Brewers Championships

Kauri NZ & Braumeister NZ are proud sponsors of the 21st National Convention hosted by Manukau Winemakers, Brewers & Apiarists Club​.

“The Braumiester really delivered on all fronts!”

“The Braumiester really delivered on all fronts, providing the all grain brewing experience without the mess and fuss of multiple vessels. It was simple to use, fast and easy to clean, and above all made fantastic beer! I would definitely recommend this unit to anyone looking to brew authentic beers with limited time and space.”

– Dave Sutton (Otago)

All good. Ready to brew!


“We’ll be releasing heaps of different beers and want you to help us keep evolving. So play your part and vote with your palate!”

 Caroline and Ondrej Novak (Standing Spoon, Auckland)

“Easy to use, elegant & simple”


“It’s the kind of equipment that would last a life time, Its easy to use, elegant, simple and quiet, and made for a seamless brew day” Paul Wicksteed – Time 4 Another 1 Brewing – View the independent comparison between Braumeister & Grainfather here

Grain suppliers we recommend:

Naki Brewing