Braumeister Brewing System

supplied throughout New Zealand & pacific Islands by Kauri

PE Round Ferment Barrel

Delivery is Free within New Zealand to all cities and main towns (excludes Rural delivery).


Speidel PE Fermentation Barrels provide flexibility when dealing with small volumes. The air tight seal not only preserves aroma and flavour for several months, but most importantly it keeps out harmful bacteria that often spoil liquor stored in inferior and inadequate vessels.

  • Made with UV-stable, food-grade and recyclable PE (natural colours without pigments) making them suitable for both indoor and outdoor use
  • Heavy duty construction with ultra thick walls for optimum stability, aroma and flavour preservation
  • Easily cleaned using hot water
  • Equipped with carrying handles (capacity 30kg each handle)
  • Can be completely sealed with a Plastic Locking Cap


  • 12L (SP21047): 260 (D) x 350 (H) mm, 2kg
  • 20L (SP21052): 310 (D) x 420 (H) mm, 3kg
  • 30L (SP21006): 340 (D) x 470 (H) mm, 3kg
  • 60L (SP21007): 400 (D) x 610 (H) mm, 3kg
  • 120L (SP21008): 500 (D) x 800 (H) mm, 5kg

Parts (included)

  • Discharge Tap
  • Fermentation bung with Airlock (not included with 12L Barrel)
  • Plastic Locking Cap