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Brewing Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take before I can drink the first beer?


Generally from 4 weeks onwards, depending on recipe & maturation vessel.

For brewing you need a good half a day. Fermentation lasts 3-10 days (depending on recipe) and maturing in bottles is from 2 weeks. Kegs or pressure vessels can speed up the process with carbonation instead of  re-fermentation in bottle.

Can I brew all types of beer that exist?


Yes,  all types of beers can be brewed with the Braumeister: wheat beer, light, Maerzen, strong beer, Koelsch, pilsner, IPA’s and many more. Brewing success mainly depends on the recipe, the ingredients and the fermentation temperature.

Is the Braumeister suitable for beginners?


Yes. The Braumeister is so easy to use that even beginners can brew their own great beer on their first brew. A detailed brewing and instruction manual is included with the Braumeister. It also includes a quick start guide that takes you step by step through the brewing process. To make it easier for you, Braumeister NZ offers packages with all the necessary raw materials for brewing.

Allow yourself some extra time for your first brews and take some time to familiarise yourself with the process the day before your first brew. We recommend at least one trial run of your first recipe, (its a good time to clean everything too!)

Is it possible to complete two brews per day with a 500L Braumeister?


Yes, you can do two brews per day, using a seperate hot liquor tank and a flow through heat exchanger (purchased separately). Two cycles would take approximately 15 hours, allowing for cleaning.

My recommendation would be to do a double mash to speed up the process, achieving greater than 85% efficiency and yielding around 850L of wort.

The 500L Braumeister holds up to 900L – a double mash would be topped up with water to reduce it to 1060 S.G.

Is it possible to brew high gravity beer / how to proceed?


It is possible to brew strong beer as well.

Obviously you need to get stronger beer wort (more than 16 °P or 1068 SG). You could reach it by boiling down and reducing the liquid quantity.

To become higher gravity wort and still keep the full volume amount you’ll have to mash twice with the same wort. It will provide you up to 24 °P or 1.101 SG.

What are the water volumes at each mark on the centre bar?


On the 20L unit: they indicate 15/20/25L

On the 50L unit: they indicate 20/25/30L and 45/50/55L

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