Braumeister Brewing System

supplied throughout New Zealand & pacific Islands by Kauri

Brewing base for Braumeister 50L

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This is a roll base on which the 50L Braumeister fits nicely, so that you can easily get to the pump and bottom tap (on 50L BM Plus) for cleaning.

In addition, the brewing base has a bottom space to catch the water that still can come out when unplugging the double jacket, or to catch any drips, mess or over flow during the brewing process.  The Brewing base has an opening at the bottom where you can drain this water / wort & add a tap. The height of the Braumeister on this Brew base is perfect to pull out the malt pipe as well.

Product code: SP77490

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  • Stable rolling base for brewing with the Braumeister 50lL
  • Flexible coasters with brake function
  • Perfect hight for mashing, lautering and cleaning
  • Higher distance under the Braumeister for easier access to the pump
  • Drip pan function for drips & mess from wort or cleaning water - all contained
  • Controlled runout to floor sink or bucket
  • 3/4" female thread for mounting a valve if wished (not included)
  • Brewing and cleaning without the need to rotate the Braumeister (with the Braumeister 50l PLUS with the extra valve in the botton and hose!)
  • Base is made and moulded out of black high quality polyehtylen (recyclable) which is also very easy to clean