Impress your guests with your own beer Convenient sizes Perfect for Pilot brews

Impress your guests with your own beer

Easily produce quality beer at a fraction of the price.

Convenient sizes

Choose the right size for you. Braumeisters come in 10L, 20L & 50L. Minimal space & gear required.

Perfect for Pilot brews

Suited as pilot brews in commercial productions, or training facility.

For you homebrewers, beer enthusiasts and brewing hobbyists out there, Speidel's fully automatic single kettle brewing Braumeisters are the answer to your prayers.  From mashing, lautering to boiling, everything takes place in one cauldron. Comes in compact 10L, 20L, and 50L units suitable for your kitchen, garage and tool shed

Delivery is Free within New Zealand to all cities and main towns.(excludes Rural delivery)