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ProBrew The Alchemator

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In-line Alcohol Separator & Alcohol Base Creator

The ProBrew Alchemator is a game-changer! This all-new beverage processing system is designed to provide brewers and beverage producers with instant, crystal-clear, inline Hard Seltzer base from beer, cider, or other fermented alcohol.

The Alchemator is comprised of the following key components:

  • ProBrew Engineered – Stainless Steel Integrated Skid
  • Allen Bradley PLC Control System with Operator Interface
  • Proprietary Membrane Alcohol Separation Technology
  • Optional: 2X Alchemator Flow Rate Upgrade

The overall system is designed to produce crystal-clear, Hard Seltzer from fermented alcohol at a final product flow rate of 3.0 gallons per minute (gpm). The system will continuously monitor and measure the flow rate of incoming beer (target flow: 85gpm – 100gpm due to cross-flow requirements) into the Alchemator system and separate the alcohol & water from the beer flow to produce Hard Seltzer base at the equivalent ABV (Alcohol By Volume) as the incoming base beer.

The Alchemator utilises ProBrew’s industry-recognised Plug-&-Play engineering that allows mobile inline accessibility with a small, ergonomic design. Easily roll the Alchemator into place to create Hard Seltzer and roll it out of the way to continue regular operations!

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How the Alchemator Works:

The Alchemator Inline Alcohol Separation system is based on extensive research and innovative development including newly available membrane filtration technology. The system utilises fermented, clear/filtered base beer with a known ABV as the primary input. The standard Infeed Beer connection is a 2" Sanitary Tri-Clamp connection (typical hose connection). Since the Alchemator Separation technology is slightly based on a crossflow process, the Infeed Beer will return to the original source/tank - also through a 2" Sanitary Tri-Clamp connection (typical hose connection). Target Beer flow is 85gpm - 100gpm. This high-flow rate is created by the Alchemator so no additional pumps will be required. The Alchemator pump also generates the required pressure for alcohol & water separation to take place. In this Model 1.0 configuration, the Alchemator only needs Three (3) Hose connections. The Alchemator Beer & Hard Seltzer flow rates measured and totalised by integrated Digital Flow Meters to monitor precise flow rate during production. The Alchemator separates water and alcohol from the feed Beer and creates a clear, malt based, Hard Seltzer base at a nominal flow rate of 3.0 gpm. The Hard Seltzer base can be supplied to brite tank or other vessel for carbonation and flavouring. The Hard Seltzer outlet connection is a 1.5" Sanitary Tri-Clamp connection (typical hose connection). ProBrew also offers many ProCarb Inline Carbonation technology options as well as innovative Hard Seltzer flavouring technologies and options to help brewers easily craft Hard Seltzer.