FD Conical Fermentation Tank 30L

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FD Conical Stainless Steel Fermentation Tank 30L

Product Code: SP FD-035-S V0002

Speidel stainless steel fermentation tanks for fermenting larger quantities of beer, cider or wine. The special 3D inner surface facilitates easy cleaning. The double cooling jacket is pre-equipped with a connector for a wort chiller to produce bottom-fermenting beers. These quality German manufactured stainless steel fermentation tanks are supported stably and safely on three integrated feet.



  • Clear beer tap, 3/4" female connector
  • Main tap 3/4" female connector
  • Double jacket 2 x 1" male connector
  • With cooling jacket 
  • Lid with hole for fermentation lock
  • 2x NW10 nozzle with blind cap for thermal detector sheath and sampling tap
  • Conical bottom 60°

30L Size

  • Suitable for 20L of beer
  • Dimension: 350 (D) x 830 (H) mm
  • Weight: 31kg


Does not include, but recommended accessories:

2 x 3/4 Valves  SP75104

1 x Airlock & Bung  SP21010

1 x Thermometer well SP64071

1 x Thermometer SP63887

NZ$1,450.00 NZ$1,250.00
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