Apple and Pear Mill

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Apple and Pear Mill

Product Code: SP22200

The Speidel centrifugal mill cuts up the fruit in an ideal manner, not too coarse and not too fine – just the right size to guarantee you the highest juice yield for ciders.

Easy to use

The centrifugal mill can be connected to a  15 Amp 230 Volt socket. A large hopper makes it easy to fill the fruit directly from the box. This way an output of up to 1000 kilograms per hour is possible. Cleaning is simple. Remove the feed hopper and spray the device and hopper with water.


The centrifugal mill is virtually maintenance-free. Only the blade unit should be sharpened from time to time.

No rust even after years of use

The hopper, motor block, cutter blades, apron, feet etc. are all made of high quality, rust-free materials requiring neither care nor any special treatment. So you have no rust to worry about even after years of use.

Safety is a top priority

The centrifugal mill complies with all European safety standards (CE mark); it has a protective motor switch which is triggered in case of an overload, a feed hopper with reach-in and switch-on protection and a PE shield to protect the cutters and the motor against any unauthorised interference and against splashing water.


  • Dimensions: 590 (L) x 514 (W) x 1330 (H) mm
  • Weight: 25kg
  • Hopper made of yellow-coloured, robust PE plastic (recyclable)
  • Lower section: made of black-coloured, robust PE plastic (recyclable)
  • Motor: 230 V, 50 Hz, Output 2.2 kW, 2,800 rpm
  • Power supply connection: 230 V, 15 Amp
    Note: Buyers must ensure their power supply & wall plug is suitable for 15 Amp plug. (An extension lead may also be required)
  • On / Off: Switch with switch-on lock
  • Cutter unit: reversible blades made of hardened stainless steel
  • Certified food safe
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