Oak Barrels


Prices: From $850

Product Code - Oak Barrel

We have a huge range of Oak Barrels made from French and American wood. Coopers include Saury, Saury Sonoma & Leroi.

These coopers have been producing high quality oak barrels for many years, and Saury has been available in New Zealand since 1994.

Our oak barrels are well suited to maturation of Beer, Spirits and all varieties of Wine.

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Type: French Oak (Quercus sessilis, Quercus robur), American Oak (Quercus alba).

Sizes: Available in 225L, 228L, 300L & 500L

Grain Selection: Mid-fine or Fine grain.

Seasoning: Initial watering, then open air seasoning for a minimum period of 3 years.

Bending profile - Fire or Water bent

Toasting Profiles include: Light, Medium, Med Plus, Med Long, High,