500L Braumeister Starter Set

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NZ$77,362.00 NZ$69,995.00
500L Starter Set

Included in this starter set

  • 500-litre Braumeister
  • Thermo sleeve for 500L Braumeister
  • Stainless steel tray on castors for Malt Pipe removal
  • Large Malt Mill with Hopper; 230V 50Hz
  • 120 PE Barrel for crushed malt - fits exactly under the Large Malt Mill
  • 2 of Universal Keg 95L for malt storage (S/S, Air sealed closure)
  • Hose set: 10 metres, for recirculation & wort removal to tank
  • Kreyer "Chilly" cooling unit, 1.7kW Temp - 10°C to + 25°C, for wort cooling and/or tank temperature control
  • 2 of 625-litre FD Stainless Steel fermentation tank
  • 2 of Stainless Steel Thermometer for FD Tanks
  • 4 of Stainless steel ball valve for FD Tanks
  • 2 of Fermentation airlock & plug for FD Tanks
  • Hydrometer
  • Support cylinder for hydrometer
  • Cleaning set

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NZ$77,362.00 NZ$69,995.00